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To view and apply for scholarships, you must:

  • Renew your NSBE membership for the year.

  • Have a verified GPA in your membership profile.

If you are unable to access scholarship applications, please review your NSBE connect profile to ensure the information above is updated. 

NSBE Scholarships & Awards Program Timeline

Cycle 1- Fall Cycle: Applications Open September 1, 2023 & Close January 5, 2024

Cycle 2- Spring Cycle: Applications Open April 1, 2023 & Close June 30, 2023 

27th Annual GTA Nominations: Open August 1, 2023 & Close November 3, 2023

Thank you for your interest in NSBE Scholarships & Awards Program!

  • To apply for NSBE Scholarships or Awards you MUST register and create a profile. 
  • To view/apply for scholarships you MUST complete the "Eligibility Survey" once you have registered/created a profile. Members WILL NOT have access to available scholarship opportunities unless you meet the outlined criteria for the listed scholarships.
  • For more information and to view the available awards & scholarships select the tab at the top of the page. 

For scholarship and award questions, or if you experience problems accessing scholarships or awards, please email scholarships@nsbe.org

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